Charles Q. Li

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Previously, magnetic resonance spectroscopy studies of alterations in cerebral metabolite concentration during functional activation have been focused on phosphocreatine using 31P MRS and lactate using 1H MRS with controversial results. Recently, significant improvements on the spectral resolution and sensitivity of in vivo spectroscopy have been made at(More)
Osteoporotic bone loss is accompanied by impaired structural integrity of the trabecular network, leading to a decrease in the overall mechanical properties of the bone. The development of the "virtual bone biopsy" (VBB), a method combining magnetic resonance microimaging (microMRI) and digital image processing techniques, has previously been shown to(More)
PURPOSE To optimize acquisition parameters for three dimensional fast spin-echo (3D FSE) imaging of the knee. MATERIALS AND METHODS The knees of eight healthy volunteers were imaged in a 3 Tesla MRI scanner using an eight-channel knee coil. A total of 146 intermediate weighted isotropic resolution 3D FSE (3D-FSE-Cube)images with varied acquisition(More)
In this study [2-(13)C] gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) was spectrally resolved in vivo and detected simultaneously with [4-(13)C]glutamate (Glu) and [4-(13)C]glutamine (Gln) in the proton spectra obtained from a localized 40 microL voxel in rat neocortex with the use of an adiabatic (1)H-observed, (13)C-edited (POCE) spectroscopy method and an 89-mm-bore(More)
Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2) therapy has been utilized in conjunction with systemic corticosteroid administration for treating radiation-induced optic neuropathy (RON) with varying success. We present the case of a 78-year-old female with RON who received two courses of HBO2 (without corticosteroids) and also pre- and post-treatment magnetic resonance imaging(More)
Uveitis is a term used to describe inflammation of the choroid, iris, or ciliary body, which make up the uveal tract. It can be idiopathic or associated with a systemic disease which may be infectious or noninfectious. With the exception of B-scan ultrasonography, current imaging methods for diagnosing and monitoring uveitis are predominately(More)
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