Charles Q. Choi

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— In this paper, we study T-matching networks that are commonly used for the efficient matching of UHF tags. In order to analyze relationship between T-matching geometry and antenna impedance, we interpret the transformer circuit as an equivalent circuit depending on the design parameters of the circuit. From the parametric study of the T-matching, we(More)
■ Researchers are devising tiny, portable chips that could rapidly detect pathogens or biological weapons in a sample of a person's blood. ■ Microfluidics—using air pressure or electricity to move droplets through tiny chemical reactions— is the key to making labs-on-chips practical. at Ann Arbor has devised a chip that could test for influenza, but it(More)
All newly made proteins destined to be secreted from our cells or to function at the cell surface—and many of those that function in membranes within the cell— start their lives in a convoluted heap of membranes within cells called the endo-plasmic reticulum (ER). From there, they begin a journey that will take them through the stacked membrane compartments(More)
The act of flowering is the defining and most dramatic change that flowering plants undergo, and the fruits of such labor are crops that the world depends on. Scientists have long thought that the signal that switches the growing tip of a plant's shoot from making leaves to making flowers travels from the leaves to the shoot, but very little was known about(More)
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