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and the reviewers for helpful discussions and advice. Abstract Despite tremendous debate and policy interest, there has been relatively little research into the issue of how much individuals value their privacy. In this paper, I estimate the demand for privacy from telemarketing as provided by state-level " do not call " registries. I then project the(More)
In developing countries with limited no or access to standard audiometric methods a 'voice test' is a potential non-technological alternative method of assessing hearing. A three level 'voice test' was developed, refined and standardised-accurate response to a whispered voice equating with normal hearing, to a conversational voice with mild hearing loss and(More)
This essay examines two possible mechanisms whereby a neuropathy affecting the efferent vestibular innervation may cause incoordination of vestibular afferent input to the Vestibular Integrating Centres: firstly, by loss of the normal fine control of afferent impulses; secondly, by a disruption of the sodium-potassium pump mechanism that maintains the ionic(More)
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