Charles Poussot-Vassal

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In this paper, an overview and a benchmark of some semi-active suspension control strategy performances is proposed. Based on a recent result of the authors, where the optimal semi-active performance trade-off was addressed, here, a complete benchmark to evaluate any controlled semi-active suspensions is proposed, and applied on different control(More)
— In this paper, the problem of medium-scale MIMO LTI systems approximation is addressed. The proposed methodology , inspired from recent developments in the model reduction community (i.e. [1], [2], [3]), consists of combining the features of the SVD reduction approach with the tangential interpolation ones. The contributions of the paper are in two folds:(More)
In this paper, a new simple but yet efficient spectral expression of the frequency-limited H2-norm, denoted H2,ω-norm, is introduced. The proposed new formulation requires the computation of the system eigenvalues and eigenvectors only, and provides thus an alternative to the well established Gramian-based approach. The interest of this new formulation is(More)
In this paper, the H 2 optimal approximation of a n y × n u transfer function G(s) by a finite dimensional systemˆH d (s) including input/output delays, is addressed. The underlying H 2 optimal-ity conditions of the approximation problem are firstly derived and established in the case of a poles/residues decomposition. These latter form an extension of the(More)