Charles Patrick Collier

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  • C P Collier, E W Wong, M Belohradsky, F M Raymo, J F Stoddart, P J Kuekes +2 others
  • 1999
Logic gates were fabricated from an array of configurable switches, each consisting of a monolayer of redox-active rotaxanes sandwiched between metal electrodes. The switches were read by monitoring current flow at reducing voltages. In the " closed " state, current flow was dominated by resonant tun-neling through the electronic states of the molecules.(More)
  • M Van Blaaderen, J Dog-Terom, J M W Drenth, S Frenken, C Fraden, H N W Haas +10 others
  • 1997
The linear and nonlinear (␹ (2)) optical responses of Langmuir monolayers of organically functionalized silver quantum dots were measured as a continuous function of inter-particle separation under near-ambient conditions. As the distance between metal surfaces was decreased from 12 to ϳ5 angstroms, both quantum and classical effects were observed in the(More)
It is commonly thought that amino acids and peptides exist in a neutral configuration (protonated carboxylic acid and deproto-nated amine) in the gas-phase 1,2 because zwitterionic charge separation is unfavorable in the absence of solvation. However, a recent report suggested that the most stable form of gaseous arginine is actually zwitterionic. 3 In this(More)
The recently developed technique of infrared cavity ringdown laser absorption spectroscopy (IR-CRLAS) has been employed in the 3.0 µm region to determine the absolute concentrations of water dimers, trimers, tetramers, and pentamers in a pulsed supersonic expansion for the first time. Additional spectral features are reported, one of which we assign to the(More)
Research efforts in organized assemblies of nanosized particle materials have been intensified lately, in part, due to their application potentialities as the building blocks for electronic nanodevices/nanocircuits. 1-9 Among these, monolayer-protected nanoclusters (MPCs) 10 have attracted particular attention thanks to the (sub)attofarad(More)
Algorithms and experimental techniques for extracting the complex dielectric function of thin films (monolayers and bilayers) of quantum dots are developed. The algorithms are based on a combination of the so-called Newton-Raphson method, used in conjunction with a Kramers-Kronig analysis, and are used to analyze normal-incidence reflectance and(More)
Cell-free systems provide a flexible platform for probing specific networks of biological reactions isolated from the complex resource sharing (e.g., global gene expression, cell division) encountered within living cells. However, such systems, used in conventional macro-scale bulk reactors, often fail to exhibit the dynamic behaviors and efficiencies(More)
  • M A El-Sayed, C C B R Murray, M G Kagan, Annu Bawendi, Rev, V C Sundar +36 others
  • 2004
National Laboratory for providing CdSe nanocrystals and useful discussions. T. Rieker, NSF (formerly University of New Mexico), performed early XRD experiments. Climate policy decisions are being made despite layers of uncertainty. Such decisions directly influence the potential for " dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system. " We mapped(More)
The cavity ringdown technique (CRLAS) has been employed to measure the gas phase absorption spectrum of the platinum silicide molecule in the 350 nm region. All nine of the measured rovibronic bands are assigned to a single 1 sigma-1 sigma electronic transition, with a ground state vibrational frequency of omega "e = 549.0(3) cm-1, and a bond length of r"0(More)
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