Charles Parsons

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Matematikaren filosofia izan da Charles Parsonsen ikerketa-gaia urte askotan. Harvard Unibertsitateko Edgar Pierce Professor of Philosophy emeritua izanik, jarraitzen du lanean, azken liburu honek erakusten duen moduan. Egia da kapitulu gehienak aurrez publikatutakoak direla baina, Parsonsek berak dioen moduan, guztiak daude berrikusiak, berrituak edo(More)
The ubiquity of microarray expression data in state-of-the-art biology has been well established. The widespread adoption of this technology coupled with the significant volume of image-based experimental data generated per experiment (averaging 40 MB), have led to significant challenges in storage and query-retrieval of primary data from microarray(More)
About twenty-five years ago, Charles Parsons published a paper that began by asking why we still discuss the Liar Paradox. Today, the question seems all the more apt. In the ensuing years we have seen not only Parsons’ work (1974), but seminal work of Saul Kripke (1975), and a huge number of other important papers. Too many to list. Surely, one of them must(More)
Beryllium (Be)-antigen presentation to Be-specific CD4(+) T cells from the lungs of patients with chronic beryllium disease (CBD) results in T cell proliferation and TNF-alpha secretion. We tested the hypothesis that Be-induced, CBD bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) T cell, transcription-dependent, TNF-alpha secretion was accompanied by specific transcription(More)
Beryllium (Be) presentation to CD4+ T cells from patients with chronic beryllium disease (CBD) results in T cell activation, and these Be-specific CD4+ T cells undergo clonal proliferation and T-helper 1-type cytokine production. In exposed workers, genetic susceptibility to this granulomatous disorder is associated with particular HLA-DPB1 alleles. We(More)
In this paper I will approach the subject of intuition from a different angle from what has been usual in the philosophy of mathematics, by beginning with some descriptive remarks about Reason and observing that something that has been called intuition arises naturally in that context. These considerations are quite general, not specific to mathematics. The(More)
Plasma albumin was determined in human, rat and dog samples by bromocresol green and bromocresol purple dye-binding methods. The bromocresol purple method produced significantly lower values in dog and rat plasma samples, although the use of homologous standards reduced the differences between the two methods. These observations reflect differing affinities(More)
∗Thanks to J. C. Beall, Alex Byrne, Jason Decker, Tyler Doggett, Paul Elbourne, Adam Elga, Warren Goldfarb, Delia Graff, Richard Heck, Charles Parsons, Mark Richard, Susanna Siegel, Jason Stanley, Judith Thomson, Carol Voeller, Brian Weatherson, Ralph Wedgwood, Steve Yablo, Cheryl Zoll, and an anonymous referee for valuable comments and discussions.(More)