Charles P. Smith

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Programming Development at IBM's Santa Teresa Laboratory has been investigating &#8220;The Elements of Software Science&#8221; as defined by Maurice H. Halstead.<supscrpt>1,2</supscrpt> This report summarizes the findings after several large IBM products have been counted and analyzed. Program <italic>vocabulary, length, volume</italic> and lines of code(More)
Previous geologic work and wrficial rnap c werage in :he ments, landslide darn, debris flows. Halfway River slide, (Bobrowsky ef ai.. 1991 and referen'xs t ~erein). \')it11 Laurentide erratics. surficial maps. respect to the objectives of the: pesent study Catto (I C Q I , 1992) provides recent surficial coverage of ei! ht map sh,:et!; in the area. The(More)
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