Charles P. Pfleeger

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A heuristic is proposed for state reduction in incompletely specified finite state machines (ISFSMs). The algorithm is based on checking sequence generation and identification of sets of compatible states. We have obtained results as good as the best exact method in the literature but with significantly better run-times. In addition to finding a reduced(More)
Information Assurance and computer security are serious worldwide concerns of governments, industry, and academia. Computer security is one of the three new focal areas of the ACM/IEEE's Computer Science Curriculum update in 2008. This ACM/IEEE report describes, as the first of its three recent trends, "the emergence of security as a major area of concern."(More)
This paper describes a compiler called ORACLE which allows a student to examine the actions performed by a simple compiler. Two features are provided to assist the student. The first called replacement mode, provides the necessary conditions to simulate the replacement of three compiler components: symbol table management, lexical analysis, and syntax(More)
As an embryonic technology, cloud computing has attracted more attention. More and more enterprises or government agencies started to explore cloud computing. However, with the extensive use of cloud computing, security issues came out on a growing scale. This paper highlights and categorizes many of security issues introduced by the "cloud";(More)
A systematic approach to penetration testing of an existing software system is described. The testing depends on analysis of the system, hypothesis of possible flaws, confirmation or rejection of the hypothesis, and extension of a confirmed hypothesis. The approach uses an analysis of security requirements and controls to identify objects to be secured and(More)