Charles P McSharry

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MicroRNA (miRNA) species (miR) regulate mRNA translation and are implicated as mediators of disease pathology via coordinated regulation of molecular effector pathways. Unraveling miR disease-related activities will facilitate future therapeutic interventions. miR-155 recently has been identified with critical immune regulatory functions. Although detected(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate trends between 1972-6 and 1996 in the prevalences of asthma and hay fever in adults. DESIGN Two epidemiological surveys 20 years apart. Identical questions were asked about asthma, hay fever, and respiratory symptoms at each survey. SETTING Renfrew and Paisley, two towns in the west of Scotland. SUBJECTS 1,477 married couples(More)
Glucocorticoid-induced TNFR family-related protein (GITR) is expressed at low levels on resting T cells, B cells and macrophages but at high levels on regulatory T cells (Treg). Although GITR expression is up-regulated on CD4+ effector cells upon activation, the role of GITR in Th1 and Th2 cell development is unclear. We report here that activation of GITR(More)
BACKGROUND The initiation and regulation of pulmonary fibrosis are not well understood. IL-33, an important cytokine for respiratory diseases, is overexpressed in the lungs of patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. OBJECTIVES We aimed to determine the effects and mechanism of IL-33 on the development and severity of pulmonary fibrosis in murine(More)
Serum IgG antibody against purified avian antigens was quantified by radioimmunoassay in 507 active pigeon fanciers, of whom 110 had documented Pigeon Breeders Disease (PBD). The incidence of PBD increased from 3.7% in the antibody-negative group to 78% of those with IgG antibody greater than 30 micrograms/ml. The highest levels of antibody tended to occur(More)
BACKGROUND In some patients chronic asthma results in irreversible airflow obstruction. High resolution computed tomography (HRCT) has been advocated for assessing the structural changes in the asthmatic lung and permits investigation of the relationships between airway wall thickening and clinical parameters in this condition. METHODS High resolution CT(More)
Hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP), or extrinsic allergic alveolitis, is due to a hypersensitivity reaction after repeated inhalation of finely dispersed antigens, mainly organic particles or low molecular weight chemicals. The essence of this disease is an interaction between the host's immune system and external antigen, influenced by both genetic and(More)
BACKGROUND Although inhaled corticosteroids have an established role in the treatment of asthma, studies have tended to concentrate on non-smokers and little is known about the possible effect of cigarette smoking on the efficacy of treatment with inhaled steroids in asthma. A study was undertaken to investigate the effect of active cigarette smoking on(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES Cigarette smoking is common in asthmatic patients, and we investigated the impact of cigarette smoking on airway inflammation in asthma. DESIGN Single-center observational study of airway inflammation in asthmatic and healthy smokers and nonsmokers. SETTING Asthma research unit in a university hospital. PATIENTS OR PARTICIPANTS(More)
BACKGROUND Sputum eosinophil counts and exhaled nitric oxide (NO) levels are increased in asthma and both measurements fall in response to corticosteroids. METHODS Exhaled NO levels and sputum eosinophil counts were assessed as non-invasive markers of the response to an oral steroid in 37 patients (19 women) with stable chronic asthma (mean (SD) age 48.6(More)