Charles P J Charlton

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Ten children with advanced cirrhosis and malnutrition (less than 90% weight for height) were fed for eight weeks with a nasogastric feed comprising whey protein (enriched with branched chain amino acids), fat as 34% medium chain and 66% long chain triglycerides, and glucose polymer. Six of the children were studied for an eight week control period before(More)
OBJECTIVES To measure the effectiveness, safety and use of anti-Tumour necrosis Factor (TNF) therapy in paediatric inflammatory bowel disease (PIBD) in the United Kingdom (UK). METHODS Prospective UK audit of patients newly starting anti-TNF therapy. Disease severity was assessed using Physician Global Assessment (PGA) +/or the Paediatric Crohn's Disease(More)
Background & aims: Specialised milk formulae are commonly prescribed in infants and children for feed intolerance. Our aim was to audit prescription of specialised milks for children in general practice population against the European Working Group guideline on management of cow's milk protein intolerance in infants.Methods: Prescription details were(More)
A questionnaire was administered to 70 families with experience of home enteral nutrition. All but one patient received at least some of their feeding overnight. During 11,041 patient days of home enteral nutrition, no serious complications were seen. Sleep disturbance was common, however, and affected 59 parents and 35 children. A nocturnal cough or(More)
The detection of an antineutrophil antibody which is highly sensitive and specific for adult primary sclerosing cholangitis using indirect immunoalkaline phosphatase has been previously described. In this study, the diagnostic potential of this method in childhood primary sclerosing cholangitis is described. A range of 72 blinded children's sera (36 boys),(More)
BACKGROUND We wished to ascertain immunization uptake rates in the strictly orthodox Jewish community in Hackney and to survey reasons for non-uptake and attitudes to immunization and immunization services within this community. METHODS A total of 575 strictly orthodox Jewish children, aged under 2.5 years, were identified from three general practices in(More)
Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF 1), the mediator of growth hormone, is manufactured in the liver but its release may be depressed by malnutrition. To date, the relative contributions of liver disease and the associated malnutrition to the depressed IGF 1 levels found in chidren with cirrhosis is unclear. We have therefore assessed the relative importance(More)