Charles P. Howerton

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ABSTMCT: Describes how and why the FORTH language was chosen and implemented to support the operations of a scratch-built 8-node hypercube based on the Intel MCS-51 series controller microchips. The ratwnale of the design considerations is discussed and the basis of the decision for choosing FORTH is elaborated. Some examples ofparallel computation projects(More)
This paper describes a project-oriented Computer Science or Computer Information Systems Practicum course. This particular course differs in several ways from other similar courses. First, it is taught outside of the normal academic year. Second, a real attempt is made to simulate the environment in which a computing professional would be expected to work.(More)
The Y2K problem or the Millennium Bug represents the single largest problem ever faced by the computing community and, according to some pundits, the largest problem ever to be solved by humankind. Due to widespread media coverage, students at all levels are aware of the Y2K problem and have concerns about what it means for them and for their futures. We as(More)
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