Charles P. Dolan

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The objective of the Hughes Trainable Text Skimmer (TTS) Project is to create text skimmin g software that: (1) can be easily re-configured for new applications, (2) improves its performanc e with use, and (3) is fast enough to process megabytes of text per day. The TTS-MUC3 system i s our first full scale prototype. TTS-MUC3 incorporates semi-automated(More)
Test results Figure 1 gives the official results for the Hughes Trainable Text Skimmer used for MUC 3 (TTS-MUC3). TTS is a largely statistical system, using a K-Nearest Neighbor classifie r with the output of a shallow parser as features. (See the System Summary section of thi s volume for a detailed description of TTS-MUC3). The performance, on a slot by(More)
  • C. P. Dolan
  • 1989
Summary form only given, as follows. The great majority of computational cognitive models have adhered to the physical symbol system hypothesis (PSSH) of Newell. An approach that seems to be incompatible with the PSSH is that of parallel distributed processing (PDP), or connectionism. It is a controversial issue as to whether PSSH or PDP is a better(More)
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