Charles P. Dolan

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The objective of the Hughes Trainable Text Skimmer (TTS) Project is to create text skimmin g software that: (1) can be easily re-configured for new applications, (2) improves its performanc e with use, and (3) is fast enough to process megabytes of text per day. The TTS-MUC3 system i s our first full scale prototype. TTS-MUC3 incorporates semi-automated(More)
Test results Figure 1 gives the official results for the Hughes Trainable Text Skimmer used for MUC 3 (TTS-MUC3). TTS is a largely statistical system, using a K-Nearest Neighbor classifie r with the output of a shallow parser as features. (See the System Summary section of thi s volume for a detailed description of TTS-MUC3). The performance, on a slot by(More)
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