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The Musical Representation: Meaning, Ontology, and Emotion
How human musical experience emerges from the audition of organized tones is a riddle of long standing. In The Musical Representation, Charles Nussbaum offers a philosophical naturalist's solution.Expand
Emotion and Personal Identity
Troubles with the causal homeostasis theory of reference
While purely causal theories of reference have provided a plausible account of the meanings of names and natural kind terms, they cannot handle vacuous theoretical terms. The causal homeostasisExpand
Another Look at Functionalism and the Emotions
Two chronic problems have plagued functionalism in the philosophy of mind. The first is the chauvinism/liberalism dilemma, the second the absent qualia problem. The first problem is addressed byExpand
Pornographic Fiction and Personal Integrity
Near the end of the previous chapter, I claimed that in order for pornographic representation to appear, there must be morally proscribed behaviors, there must be the motivation to simulate theseExpand
Schopenhauer's Rejection of Kant's Analysis of Cause and Effect
Despite Schopenhauer's greatness as an original philosophical mind, and despite his sincere and profound admiration for Kant and the Critical philosophy, he remains a most unreliable interpreter ofExpand
Sentiment and Sentimentality in Music
A sentiment is an emotion. Sentimentality is counterfeit emotion. Emotions are intentional, evaluative states with aspects that are both mental and bodily. To say that emotions are intentional is toExpand