Charles Nicholas

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Malware classification using machine learning algorithms is a difficult task, in part due to the absence of strong natural features in raw executable binary files. Byte n-grams previously have been used as features, but little work has been done to explain their performance or to understand what concepts are actually being learned. In contrast to other work(More)
Hatz, Charles Nicholas II. "Panel data analysis of fuel price elasticities to vehicle-miles traveled for first year participants of the national evaluation of a mileage-based road user charge study." MS 1 INTRODUCTION The impact of fuel price changes can be seen in practically all sectors of the United States economy. Fuel prices directly and indirectly(More)
Documents, particularly electronic documents that are created, disseminated , and used with computers, have several representations. Users may wish to work with such electronic documents in any of a document's representations, and this can make it diicult to maintain consistency between the diierent representations of a document. Category theory provides(More)
Most peer-to-peer networks focus on distributing documents which are currently popular , and not the long term archival of valuable documents. DistribNet, a global peer-to-peer Internet file system into which anyone can tap or add content, is different as it focuses on the long term availability of documents. DistribNet consists of two essentially(More)
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