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Effects of nitrogen levels on growth and yield of spider plant in Kenya
The supply of spider plant (Cleome gynandra) as one of the African leafy vegetables in Kenya is low and this is attributed to poor fertilizer use and limited access by farmers to improved varieties.Expand
Assessing Consumer Priority Attributes in Indigenous Chicken Products: Implications for Marketers
Principal component analysis was applied to assess consumer priority attributes of indigenous chicken eggs and meat in Kenya. Results show that whereas in Makueni consumers considered skin color,Expand
Analysis of Consumer Preference in Product Attributes: A Case of Indigenous Chicken Eggs in Kenya
Indigenous chicken eggs are highly preferred in Kenya by majority of both rural and urban consumers. In the recent past, research has focused on improving productivity levels resulting to ImprovedExpand
Analysis of Consumer Preference for Product Attributes:A Case Of Indigenous Chicken in Makueni And Nairobi Counties, Kenya
A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science (Agribusiness Management and Trade) In the School Of Agriculture and Enterprise Development ofExpand
Determinants of Households’ Consumption Frequency for Indigenous Chicken in Kenya
Increasing saturation and maturity in the agricultural commodity market is forcing suppliers to innovate in order to sustain their business performance. This innovation should be anchored on gainingExpand
Consumers ’ preference attributes for indigenous chicken in Kenya
Indigenous chicken (Gallus domesticus) are an important source of livelihoods and food for majority of households in Kenya. Consumers appreciate Indigenous chicken(IC) more due to its nutritionalExpand
Economic Analysis of Consumer Demand for Indigenous Chicken Eggs in Kenya
The World health organization recommends a daily protein requirement of 55 grams per person to avert health and nutritional related problems. This requirement is hardly met in majority of developingExpand
Assessment of Relationships Between Genotypic Variation and Growth and Yield of Spider Plant in Kenya
Spider plant ( Cleome gynandra L. ) is an important African leafy vegetable (ALV) that has been used by local African communities as a source of nutrition in their diets for many years. The plant hasExpand