Charles N Zink

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Recent studies distinguish the biological and pharmacological effects of nitroxyl (HNO) from its oxidized/deprotonated product nitric oxide (·NO), but the lack of HNO detection methods limits the understanding its in vivo mechanisms and the identification of endogenous sources. We previously demonstrated that reaction of HNO with triarylphosphines provides(More)
Nucleotide incorporation and extension opposite N2-ethyl-Gua by DNA polymerase iota was measured and structures of the DNA polymerase iota-N2-ethyl-Gua complex with incoming nucleotides were solved. Efficiency and fidelity of DNA polymerase iota opposite N2-ethyl-Gua was determined by steady state kinetic analysis with Mg2+ or Mn2+ as the activating metal.(More)
The efficiency and fidelity of nucleotide incorporation and next-base extension by DNA polymerase (pol) κ past N(2)-ethyl-Gua were measured using steady-state and rapid kinetic analyses. DNA pol κ incorporated nucleotides and extended 3' termini opposite N(2)-ethyl-Gua with measured efficiencies and fidelities similar to that opposite Gua indicating a role(More)
[reaction: see text] Alpha-acetoxy-N-nitrosomorpholine (7) has been synthesized starting by the anodic oxidation of N-acetylmorpholine in methanol. The 55% yield of N-nitrosomorpholinic acid, after cyanide-for-methoxy group exchange and hydrolysis, is an improvement of approximately 10-fold over our original 10-step method, and this is readily converted to(More)
A number of putative purine nucleoside and nucleobase adducts of the diazonium ion derived from 3-hydroxy-N-nitrosomorpholine have been synthesized as dimethylacetals. These are converted, in most cases nearly quantitatively, to the aldehydes, or in two cases to their derivatives, on treatment with mild acid to yield standards for a quantitative(More)
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