Charles N. Winton

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A computer-simulation model of prehospital hemorrhage and fluid resuscitation was used to determine under what circumstances it is advantageous to begin fluid resuscitation in the field instead of immediately transporting to the hospital. Four hypothetical bleeding rates (15, 25, 50, and 100 mL/min) were examined for short and long prehospital times. No(More)
Courses in computer architecture, among other things, must address issues of CPU design and microprogramming. Real environments, if even available, provide very specialized, vendor specific architecture solutions. Computer architecture for this reason is often approached without the benefit of any hands-on experience. Simulation obviously provides a means(More)
Over the last five years, a number of powerful robotics controllers have become available. Only a small percentage of these are suitable for general use in robotics. In particular, they trivially interface with a large variety of sensors and effectors, have a well constructed software IDE that works with a standard programming language, are self contained(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To determine point and range estimates of the cumulative career risk of occupationally acquired human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection by emergency physicians as well as to determine if the efficacy of universal precautions was seriously diminished by prolonged risk over time. DESIGN Monte Carlo estimation of a mathematical model of(More)
CAD and graphics packages running on microcomputers are becoming increasingly popular for applications such as business charts, engineering designs, and computer art. Such packages typically provide a choice of different line styles and widths for creating drawings and images. Text is usually created using the fonts provided by the packages. Variations from(More)
Theory of computation courses have traditionally been taught at the advanced-undergraduate/graduate level, primarily due to the level of mathematical rigor associated with the topics involved. The topics covered include automata theory, formal languages, computability, uncomputability, and computational complexity. If the essentials of these topics are(More)