Charles Martin

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One of the important prospects for the national information infrastructure is the wide-spread availability of on-line data and information services on a large scale. However, existing means of information access will not scale up to a network of this size. We believe that access to appropriate information, the ability to contact the right source at the(More)
Interest in hot-melt extrusion techniques for pharmaceutical applications is growing rapidly with well over 100 papers published in the pharmaceutical scientific literature in the last 12 years. Hot-melt extrusion (HME) has been a widely applied technique in the plastics industry and has been demonstrated recently to be a viable method to prepare several(More)
The advent of high through-put screening in the drug discovery process has resulted in compounds with high lipophilicity and poor solubility. Increasing the solubility of such compounds poses a major challenge to formulation scientists. Various approaches have been adopted to address this including preparation of solid dispersions and solid solutions.(More)
The possession of cannabis is an offence in all Australian jurisdictions. No exception is made for medical use under any of the State and Territory Drug Acts, nor the Commonwealth's pharmaceutical regulation scheme. Nevertheless, questions remain about the scope for defences argued on the basis of necessitous medical use. More fundamentally the increasingly(More)
Percussionists are unique among western classical instrumentalists in that their artistic practice is defined by an approach to interaction rather than their instruments. While percussionists are accustomed to exploring non-traditional objects to create music, these objects have yet to encompass touch-screen computing devices to any great extent. The(More)
In 2009 the cross artform group, Last Man to Die, presented a series of performances using new interfaces and networked performance to integrate the three artforms of its members (actor, Hanna Cormick, visual artist, Benjamin Forster and percussionist, Charles Martin). This paper explains our artistic motivations and design for a computer vision surface and(More)
We present and evaluate a novel interface for tracking ensemble performances on touch-screens. The system uses a Random Forest classifier to extract touch-screen gestures and transition matrix statistics. It analyses the resulting gesture-state sequences across an ensemble of performers. A series of specially designed iPad apps respond to this real-time(More)
The group experience of synchronisation is a key aspect of ensemble musical performance. This paper presents a number of strategies for syncing performance information across networked iPad-instruments to enable creativity among an ensemble of improvising musicians. Acoustic instrumentalists sync without mechanical intervention. Electronic instruments(More)