Charles M. Snell

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Introduced species often pose serious threats to biodiversity, but occasionally confusion arises as to whether a species really is introduced or is in fact an overlooked native. A recent UK conservation dilemma has centred on the status of the pool frog Rana lessonae. This species has been the subject of documented introductions from central and southern(More)
A unified physically based ion implantation damage model has been developed which successfully predicts both the impurity profiles and the damage profiles for a wide range of implant conditions for arsenic, phosphorus, BF2, and boron implants into single-crystal silicon. In addition, the amorphous layer thicknesses predicted by this new damage model are(More)
Ion implantation in semiconductors is an important technology in integrated circuit device fabrication. A reliable description of as-implanted profiles and the resulting damage is needed for technological development, such as device design and modeling, as well as process optimization and control in the fabrication environment. For semiconductor devices(More)
  • R Bily, C Snell
  • Journal of psychosocial nursing and mental health…
  • 1998
Level of care decisions in managed care require matching the patient's intensity of symptoms with the appropriate placement in the least restrictive setting. In planning appropriate treatment for a patient, the case manager at a managed care organization (MCO) considers "Why now?," examining the patient's diagnosis, as well as other pertinent factors, such(More)
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