Charles M. Rader

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Manuscript received November 8, 1985; revised May 7, 1986. This work transforms the raw data so that the resulting matrix has was supported by the Department of the U.S. Air Force. The views exin certain positionspressed are those of the authors and do not reflect the official policy or are well known in the literature and have been used exposition of(More)
synthesis,” IEEE Trans. Audio Electroacoust., vol. AU-2 1, pp. 491-500, Dec. 1973. [ 361 A. Fettweis, “Some principles of designing filters imitating classical filter structures,” IEEE Trans, Circuit Theory, vol. CT-18, pp. 314-316, Mar. 1971. [ 371 -, “Digital filter structures related to classical filter networks,” Arch. Elek. Ubemgung, vol. 25, pp. 79(More)
The discrete Fourier transform of a sequence, which can be computed using the fast Fourier transform algorithm, represents samples of the ztransform equally spaced around the unit circle. In this letter, a technique is discussed and illustrated for transforming a sequence to a new sequence whose discrete Fourier transform is equal to samples of the z(More)