Charles M Ludgate

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From 1 January, 1982 until 31 December, 1987 260 adult patients were referred to the Cancer Control Agency of B.C. with high grade supratentorial astrocytomas. Multifocal disease on presentation was present in 17 cases (6.5%). Their survival is poor and whole brain radiotherapy is required. All other cases had unifocal disease, but eight did not receive(More)
PURPOSE Prostate tumors express antigens that are recognized by the immune system in a significant proportion of patients; however, little is known about the effect of standard treatments on tumor-specific immunity. Radiation therapy induces expression of inflammatory and immune-stimulatory molecules, and neoadjuvant hormone therapy causes prominent T-cell(More)
Clinical results indicate improved survival in poorly differentiated prostate cancer patients following a treatment schedule that maximizes hormone therapy prior to radiation. This may be because of a systemic immune response, called an abscopal effect. A literature review showed an association between acute infection and abscopal cancer remission. This led(More)
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