Charles M. Kinzig

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The pharmacology of leukotrienes (LT) C4 and D4 in isolated airway smooth muscle was investigated. In rat trachea, neither LTC4 or D4 elicited a response. In contrast, LTC4 was a potent contractile agonist in guinea-pig trachea, bronchus and parenchymal lung strip. Similar effects were obtained with LTD4 in trachea and parenchyma. In trachea and bronchus,(More)
The [3H]leukotriene C4 ([3H]LTC4) and [3H]leukotriene D4 ([3H] LTD4) specific binding sites in guinea-pig lung membranes were characterized and correlated with smooth muscle contractile activities of a series of LTC-, D- and E-type analogs. [3H]LTC4 bound to the specific sites with high affinity (dissociation constant Kd = 15 +/- 5 nM), saturable capacity(More)
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