Charles M. Doutriaux

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—Scientists increasingly use ensemble data sets to explore relationships present in dynamic systems. Ensemble data sets combine spatio-temporal simulation results generated using multiple numerical models, sampled input conditions and perturbed parameters. While ensemble data sets are a powerful tool for mitigating uncertainty, they pose significant(More)
Climate scientists have made substantial progress in understanding Earth's climate system, particularly at global and continental scales. Climate research is now focused on understanding climate changes over wider ranges of time and space scales. These efforts are generating ultra-scale data sets at very high spatial resolution. An insightful analysis in(More)
Being able to incorporate, inspect, and analyze data with newly developed technologies, diagnostics, and visualizations in an easy and flexible way has been a longstanding challenge for scientists interested in understanding the intrinsic and extrinsic empirical assessment of multi-model climate output. To improve research ability and productivity, these(More)
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