Charles M. Cooper

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The adult central nervous system was thought to be very limited in its regenerative potential; however, the discovery that stem cell populations produce neurons in the adult brain highlights the dynamics of a previously assumed 'static' organ. The continuous generation of new neurons in the adult brain, nevertheless, leads to the question of whether(More)
Remote sensing techniques can be use to assess several water quality parameters (i.e., suspended sediments (turbidity), chlorophyll, temperature) that are key factors in defining TMDLs. These optical and thermal sensors on boats, aircraft, and satellites provide both spatial and temporal information needed to understand changes in water quality parameters(More)
The madison plasma dynamo experiment: A facility for studying laboratory plasma astrophysics, Phys. Plasmas (2013). Fast ion confinement and stability in a neutral beam injected reversed field pinch, Physics of Plasmas 20, 056102 (2013).strapping under constraint for the assessment of group behavior in human contact networks, Phys. Fast-particle-driven(More)
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