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• Studies of the effects of imposed drive on isolated mammalian sinoatrial (SA) node pacemaker cells were undertaken as a result of the observed effects of rapid drive imposed on in situ pacemakers. Such studies are not new since Gaskell in 1884 observed that tetanic stimulation of the turtle sinus venosus or atria had an inhibitory effect on pacemaker(More)
A prospective study of EB virus infections was initiated in July, 1969 in the entering class of 1401 cadets, at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y. and continued over 4 yr. On entry 63.5% possessed EBV antibody and 36.5 lacked EBV antibody. The rate of antibody prevalence varied with the geographic area from which the cadet originated.Except in(More)
The microsomal triglyceride (TG) transfer protein (MTP) is a heterodimeric lipid transfer protein that catalyzes the transport of triglyceride, cholesteryl ester, and phosphatidylcholine between membranes. Previous studies showing that the proximal cause of abetalipoproteinemia is an absence of MTP indicate that MTP function is required for the assembly of(More)
1. Activity of the paraventricular nucleus neurones was recorded by micro-electrodes during resting conditions and while various osmotic, chemical, direct and indirect neural stimuli were applied. This activity was correlated with evidence of oxytocin release by recording milk ejection responses.2. Seventy-four per cent of all paraventricular nucleus(More)