Charles M. Bazzell

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A complication of defibrinogenation therapy with snake venom enzymes such as ancrod is hypofibrinogenemia associated bleeding secondary to no human-derived inhibitor being available to inactivate or diminish the activity of such enzymes. Of interest, ancrod contains a critical histidine residue without which enzymatic activity is inhibited, and carbon(More)
Exposure of plasma to iron and carbon monoxide (CO) renders fibrinogen resistant to fibrinogenolytic or thrombin-like activity contained in pit viper venom. However, the direct effects of iron/CO on venom activity are unknown. Thus, we assessed if four different, metalloproteinase containing snake venoms exposed to iron/CO or CO alone could attenuate their(More)
UNLABELLED Intrathecal sufentanil provides approximately 2 h of excellent labor analgesia with minimal motor blockade. Epidural sufentanil has received less scrutiny but may provide the same benefits as intrathecal sufentanil. In this study, we compared epidural sufentanil 40 microg after a lidocaine with an epinephrine test dose with intrathecal (i.t.)(More)
Device thrombosis is a devastating complication of left ventricular assist devices. The definitive treatment has been device exchange or explant. Evidence of increasing morbidity and mortality with device exchange has shifted strategies toward conservative management. In this report, we detail the use of thrombolytics as salvage therapy in a patient with an(More)
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