Charles M. Adams

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The function of the mesial prefrontal cortex (MPFC: including Brodman areas 10/12/32) remains an enigma. Current theories suggest a role in representing internal information, including emotional introspection, autonomic control, and a "default state" of semantic processing. Recent evidence also suggests that parts of this region may also play a role in(More)
Current concepts of the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) increasingly emphasize its role as an interface between limbic and neocortical functions. It has been pointed out that ACC activation reflects the intentional amount of effort (volition) that a subject uses in a task. In previous electrophysiological source localization investigations during a choice(More)
Phosphates are used as moisture retention agents (MRAs) by the shrimp industry. Although they are effective, phosphates are expensive, need to be listed on a food label, and overuse can often lead to a higher product cost for consumers. Polysaccharides were researched as alternative MRAs. Polysaccharides are usually inexpensive, are considered natural, and(More)
A survey of marine life wholesalers was initiated in 1999 as a first step towards understanding the nature of Florida’s marine life industry, the demand for Florida products, and the need for changes in the way the industry is regulated. Florida firms deal primarily in marine species and collect much of their own product. Wholesalers outside of Florida(More)
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