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Sexual Selection, Physical Attractiveness, and Facial Neoteny: Cross-cultural Evidence and Implications [and Comments and Reply]
L'attirance physique et sa relation a la theorie de la selection sexuelle meritent une attention renouvelee de la part des anthropologues culturels et biologiques. L'A. s'interesse a une anomalieExpand
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Traditional birth attendants and maternal mortality in Ghana.
Maternal mortality is high in most African countries, particularly in rural areas where access to formal health care is limited. The sociopolitical and economic environment complicates the medicalExpand
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The Stages of Human Evolution
1. Interpreting Human Evolution. 2. Fact and Fancy Before 1860. 3. The Picture Up to 1906. 4. Hominid Catastrophism. 5. Between World Wars. 6. Recent Discoveries. 7. Evolutionary Principles. 8.Expand
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Punctuationism, cladistics and the legacy of medieval neoplatonism
The current dominant orthoxy in paleoanthropology has adopted the stance of cladistics and/or punctuationism and abandonned any concern for the mechanics by which selection has operated to controlExpand
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Bipedalism, canine tooth reduction, and obligatory tool use
Bipedalism in the earliest hominid specimens is always accompanied by the reduction of projecting canine teeth. Body size is smaller than chimpanzees or humans, but molar teeth are markedly larger.Expand
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The Functional Significance of Neandertal Pubic Length [and Comments and Reply]
The pelvic morphology of Neandertals has long been proposed to distinguish them from anatomically modem humans. Neandertals' superior pubic bones are long medial-laterally, resulting in birth canalsExpand
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Refocusing on the Neanderthal Problem1
IN A consideration of the known human remains immediately prior to the cultural development known as the Upper Paleolithic, great stress has heretofore been placed upon the classification of theExpand
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