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For at least the last century researchers have advocated the use of student confidence as a form of educational assessment and the growth of online and mobile educational software has made the implementation of this measurement far easier. The following short paper discusses our first study of the dynamics of student confidence in an online math tutor. We(More)
Trisomy 21 causes Down syndrome (DS), but the mechanisms by which the extra chromosome leads to deficient intellectual and immune function are not well understood. Here, we profile CpG methylation in DS and control cerebral and cerebellar cortex of adults and cerebrum of fetuses. We purify neuronal and non-neuronal nuclei and T lymphocytes and find(More)
The following paper is a proof-of-concept demonstration of a novel Bayesian framework for making inferences about individual students and the context in which they are learning. It has implications for both efforts to automate personalized instruction and to probabilistically model educational context. By modelling students as Bayesian learners, individuals(More)
Learning analytics is an interdisciplinary and inclusive field, a fact which makes the establishment of methodological norms both challenging and important. This community-building workshop intends to convene methodology-focused researchers to discuss new and established approaches, comment on the state of current practice, author pedagogical manuscripts,(More)
This paper reports an application to educational intervention of Principal Stratification, a statistical method for estimating the effect of a treatment even when there are different rates of dropout in experimental and control conditions. We consider the potential value for using principal stratifica-tion to identify " Tough Love Interventions " –(More)
After the publication of this work [1] an error was noted in the ethics statement where part of the text was missing. This has now been updated in the original version of this article. of chromosome aneuploidies on DNA methylation patterns in human Down syndrome and mouse models.
In this paper, I describe the beginnings of some research into the use of student confidence or certainty to predict student behavior and represent the structure of knowledge. The broader educational landscape is being altered by the ease with which new assessment formats can be administered through Internet-based applications. The workhorse of educational(More)
Learning Analytics courses and degree programs both on-and offline have begun to proliferate over the last three years. As a result of this growth in interest from students, university administrators, researchers and instructors we believe it is a good time to review how these educational efforts are impacting the field, how synergy between instructors(More)
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