Charles Lamb

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A B I G Company has a need for DBMSs to control the WIDEST – HUGHEST amount EVER seen of applications. Two options come to the plateau: one group of developers offering the somewhat well known Relational model and another one offering an object oriented approach based on Object Store. The B I G Company decides to hear what’s good and bad of this new(More)
Oracle Berkeley DB is a family of database engines that provide high performance, transactional data management on a wide variety of platforms. Berkeley DB products are available under a dual license: an open source license and a commercial license. We discuss some of the standard testing and tuning techniques used for ensuring the quality and reliability(More)
Existing evidence supports the proposal that visual object unity can be identified with an epsilon-ball of recurrent synaptic conductance vectors (subsequently referred to as a connected open set). Simulations of a small retina and recurrent network demonstrate that such connected open sets persist despite temporal fluctuations in participating neurons,(More)
Goldfish are among a group of fishes which possess a highly developed sense of taste. Many species of the cyprinid (minnow) and catostomid (sucker) families possess specialized food-handling structures in the oropharynx (e.g. the palatal organ and branchial arches) which are covered with taste buds innervated by fibers of the glossopharyngeal and vagal(More)
Armstrong, Brodie and MacIntyre (1987 p 370) in their review of forecasting methods in marketing concluded that while considerable research effort had been directed at the methods for modelling the factors affecting market share and sales, far less attention had been given to the predictive validity of these methods and models. An area of particular(More)
It is a well-known truth that knowledge is often forgotten and has to be relearned. In medicine, this unfortunate trend is especially prevalent in the history of military surgery. The story of a Russian Princess, military surgeon and poet, Dr. Vera Gedroits, is one such forgotten story. Dr. Gedroits’ largely unrecognized contribution to military surgery was(More)
Residential neighbourhood designs with street patterns based upon hexagonal blocks were proposed by several planners in the early 20th century. Urban designers such as Charles Lamb, Noulan Cauchon and Barry Parker demonstrated the economic advantages and ef® cient land use generated by hexagonal plans. By 1930, hexagonal planning was a leading theoretical(More)
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