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An Empirical Test of a Model of Resistance to Persuasion.
This investigation synthesized research from several related areas to produce a model of resistance to persuasion based upon variables not considered by earlier congruity and inoculation models.Expand
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An experimental study of the interactive effects of sex and androgyny on attitude change
Recent research on androgyny indicates that many people who are able to take on the best characteristics of both sexes are not bound to traditional sex‐typed roles. It was reasoned that androgynyExpand
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The effects of androgyny and message expectations on resistance to persuasive communication
This study examines the relationship between violations of expectations about appropriate communicative behavior, sex‐type of the receiver and sex‐type of the source of persuasive messages. PositiveExpand
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Coarse Bribery as a Factor in the Attribution of Responsibility
Summary Two studies tested the hypothesis that an actor will be held less personally responsible for the outcome of an act performed for a reward regarded as appropriate than for the outcome of anExpand