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Method for Determining the Specific Gravity of Dentin and its Application to Permanent and Deciduous Teeth
Measurements of the specific gravity of dentin date back at least to 1870 (1) and the methods employed may be classified as follows: 1. Water or mercury displacement (1, 3, 6). 2. Flotation (4, 5,Expand
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Dental Caries and Permanent Tooth Extraction
Dental caries is generally conceded to be the most prevalent pathological condition in our modem civilization. It is a malady which has its inception during childhood and is known to affect theExpand
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Some Conditions in the Dentition of Preschool Children
DURING the last four years dental examinations have been made annually of those children who have attended the preschool laboratories of the Iowa Child Welfare Research Station. The examinationExpand
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Nature of Diet in Its Relationship to Control of Dental Caries
Previously it has been reported that dental caries may be arrested within 8 to 10 weeks through the regular ingestion of a diet high in protective foods, including a teaspoonful of cod liver oilExpand
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