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Myrinet is a new type of local-area network (LAN) based on the technology used for packet communication and switching within "massively-parallel processors" (MPPs). Think of Myrinet as an MPP message-passing network that can span campus dimensions, rather than as a wide-area telecommunications network that is operating in close quarters. The technical steps(More)
A deadlock-free routing algorithm can be generated for arbitrary interconnection networks using the concept of virtual channels. A necessary and sufficient condition for deadlock-free routing is the absence of cycles in a channel dependency graph. Given an arbitrary network and a routing function, the cycles of the channel dependency graph can be removed by(More)
20 provide the lowest latency and do not require host adapter buuer allocation. However, they require various degrees of complexity in crossbar switch implementation, in order to process source multicast addresses and prevent new types of deadlocks caused by the simultaneous use of multiple paths. None of the proposed schemes can be directly implemented in(More)
Sixty-four small computers are connected by a network of point-to-point communication channels in the plan of a binary 6-cube. This “Cosmic Cube” computer is a hardware simulation of a future VLSI implementation that will consist of single-chip nodes. The machine offers high degrees of concurrency in applications and suggests that future(More)
and its commercial descendents, consist of many computing nodes that interact with each other by sending and receiving messages over communication channels between the nodes [2 i. The communication networks of the second-generation machines, such as the Symult Series 20t0 and the Intel iPSC2, employ an oblivious wormhole routing technique [3,4] that(More)
During the period following the completion of the Cosmic Cube experiment [1], and while commercial descendants of this first-generation multicomputer (message-passing concurrent computer) were spreading through a community that includes many of the attendees of this conference, members of our research group were developing a set of ideas about the physical(More)