Charles L. Sanders

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Cohen's lung cancer mortality data, from his test of the LNT theory, do not extend to the no observed adverse effects level (NOAEL) above which inhaled radon decay products begin to induce excess lung cancer mortality. Since there is concern about the level of radon in homes, it is important to set the radon limit near the NOAEL to avoid the risk of losing(More)
This article discusses safe sedation for pediatric imaging. Emphasis is placed upon implementation of an institutional sedation program according to guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Standards for patient assessment and preparation, sedative administration, monitoring, and discharge are reviewed. A comparison of available sedative agents is(More)
Radionuclide injury to the lung has been studied in rats, hamsters, dogs, mice and baboons. Exposure of the lung to high dose levels of radionuclides produces a spectrum of progressively more severe functional and morphological changes, ranging from radiation pneumonitis and fibrosis to lung tumors. These changes are somewhat similar for different species.(More)
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