Charles L. Peterson

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Previous studies have shown that early mouse embryos with both FGF-4 alleles inactivated are developmentally arrested shortly after implantation. To understand the roles of FGF-4 during early development, we prepared genetically engineered embryonic stem (ES) cells, which are unable to produce FGF-4. Specifically, we describe the isolation and(More)
The marine sponge Axinella corrugata is being developed as a model organism for in vitro marine invertebrate research. Molecular genetics methods such as DNA fingerprinting [amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) and single-stranded conformation polymorphism (SSCP)] and single-locus DNA sequence analyses were applied to this model to meet the primary(More)
Biodiesel is an alternative fuel for diesel engines that is produced by chemically combining vegetable oils and animal fats with an alcohol to form alkyl esters. Extensive research and demonstration projects have shown it can be used pure or in blends with conventional diesel fuel in unmodified diesel engines. Interest in biodiesel has been expanding(More)
In this report, real-time quantitative PCR (TaqMan® qPCR) of the small subunit (SSU) 16S-like rRNA molecule, a universal phylogenetic marker, was used to quantify the relative abundance of individual bacterial members of a diverse, yet mostly unculturable, microbial community from a marine sponge. Molecular phylogenetic analyses of bacterial communities(More)
A process for the production of the ethyl ester of winter rape [EEWR] for use as a biodiesel fuel has been studied. The essential part of the process is the transesterification of rape oil with ethanol, in the presence of a catalyst, to yield the ethyl ester of rape oil as a product and glycerin as a by-product. Experiments have been performed to determine(More)
This paper is a review of literature concerning using vegetable oils as a replacement for diesel fuel. The term vegetable oils as used in this paper refers to vegetable oils which have not been modified by transesterification or similar processes to form what is called biodiesel. The oils studied include virgin and used oils of various types including soy,(More)
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