Charles L. Lawson

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I recently had occasion to extend a derivative-computation package I had written in 1971 to add the capability of dealing with a function defined implicitly. This led me to see the duality between Taylor series reversion and the chain rule of differentiation of a composite function. I was also struck with the compactness with which these algorithms could be(More)
  • C L Lawson
  • 1995
A simple modification to the fast T(1) translation function of Crowther & Blow [Crowther & Blow (1967). Acta Cryst. 23, 544-548] can reduce systematic error in cases where the input set of oriented search models represents a fraction of the scattering matter of the unknown crystal unit cell. The observed Patterson function is modified by a partial(More)
This paper is one of three to be presented at a joint meeting of SIGNUM and the ANSI X3J3 Fortran Committee October 18, 1978, for the purpose of communicating suggestions arising in the mathematical software community to the X3J3 Committee. A summary is given of language problem areas and possible solutions that have been discussed by the IFIP Working Group(More)
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