Charles L Dunlap

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The administration of two different doses of indomethacin, 9 and 18 mg/kg, to two different groups of rabbits was followed 6 h later by a significant decrease in plasma renin activity, and these levels were not increased by hemorrhage. The administration of 2 mg/kg of indomethacin did not alter the basal levels of plasma renin activity, but it was effective(More)
Seven examples of an unusual hyalin degenerative change in the walls of blood vessels are discussed. We believe this is a localized phenomenon, not connected to systemic vascular disease. Inflammation is usually present, and in each case a dental procedure had previously been performed. Dental extraction was the most common procedure. Giant cells of the(More)
Hodgkin lymphoma typically presents as a nodal lesion and infrequently involves extranodal sites. The English language literature contains only 7 reports of primary Hodgkin lymphoma arising in the oral mucosa in the absence of nodal disease. We report a case of primary, extranodal Hodgkin lymphoma in the palatal mucosa of a 79-year-old white female. An(More)
The term keratoameloblastoma has been used to describe a histologically heterogeneous group of ameloblastoma variants which have in common the formation of keratin by the ameloblastomatous epithelium. The English language literature contains reports of only 12 cases of keratoameloblastoma, of which 4 cases exhibited a papilliferous component. We report a(More)
Hyaline ring-like structures are often encountered during microscopic evaluation of inflamed tissues from the oral cavity. The exact etiology remains unknown. Two theories exist. One favors intrinsic origin, most likely collagen, while the other suggests extrinsic origin, vegetable material. The literature is reviewed and histologic features are illustrated.
The odontogenic fibroma is a rare tumor that has generated controversy, perhaps disproportionately to its importance in the family of odontogenic tumors. The clinical and radiographic features are well documented but the histologic aspects have generated controversy. The behavior is benign, and published accounts indicate a low recurrence rate following(More)
The C-15 hydroxy epimers of three TXA2/PGH2 antagonists were resolved by HPLC and their pharmacology evaluated in canine saphenous veins and human platelets. For all three compounds, the epimers were equipotent in their ability to antagonize U46619 (1 microM) induced platelet aggregation. In contrast, one of the epimers for all three of the antagonists was(More)
Noonan syndrome is characterized by short stature, unusual facies, congenital heart disease, chest deformity, mild mental retardation, and cryptorchidism in males. It may be sporadic or inherited as an autosomal dominant trait and occurs between 1 in 1000 and 1 in 2500 live births. Cherubism is a giant cell lesion of the jaws thought to be transmitted as an(More)