Charles Kurtz

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Extreme global warmth and an abrupt negative carbon isotope excursion during the Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) have been attributed to a massive release of methane hydrate from sediments on the continental slope [ Dissociation of oceanic methane hydrate as a cause of the carbon isotope excursion at the end of the indicate that the size of the(More)
The use of a polymeric Torlon (polyamide–imide) gasket material in a Paris– Edinburgh pressure cell for in situ high-pressure X-ray scattering measurements is demonstrated. The relatively low bulk modulus of the gasket allows for fine control of the sample pressure over the range 0.01–0.42 GPa. The quality of the data obtained in this way is suitable for(More)
The Advanced Photon Source (APS) operates with a timing structure advantageous for ultrafast dynamics experiments and, as a result, X-ray time-resolved studies on the 100-picosecond timescale have flourished. The standard operating mode, 24-bunch mode, runs 6S% of the time and a hybrid singlet mode runs lS% of the time, yielding a total of 80% of beamtime(More)
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