Charles Kubicek

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Dynasoar is an infrastructure for dynamically deploying Web services over a grid or the Internet. It enables an approach to grid computing in which distributed applications are built around services instead of jobs. Dynasoar automatically deploys a service on an available host if no existing deployments exist, or if performance requirements cannot be met by(More)
A grid hosting environment is described, where servers may be reconfigured dynamically from one type of work to another in response to changes in demand. The problem of carrying out these reconfigurations in the most efficient manner is addressed by means of stochastic modelling and optimization. A heuristic policy, which is close to optimal over a wide(More)
Transcription termination by RNA polymerase (Pol) II is an essential but poorly understood process. In eukaryotic nuclei, the 3' ends of mRNAs are generated by cleavage and polyadenylation, and the same sequence elements that specify that process are required for downstream release of the polymerase from the DNA. Although Pol II is known to bind proteins(More)
As computational resources become available for use over the Internet a requirement has emerged to reconfigure servers to an optimal allocation to cope with an unpredictable flow of incoming jobs. This paper describes an architecture that allows the dynamic reconfiguration of servers to process incoming jobs by switching servers between conceptual pools.(More)
A system architecture for the dynamic deployment and running of Web services is presented. Service code is held in a code store; service deployment is triggered on demand by incoming SOAP messages. A mechanism is also provided for storing and applying service specific QoS targets. Policies for dynamic server allocation are developed. The system has been(More)
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