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To discuss the use of renal mass biopsy (RMB) for small renal masses (SRMs), formulate technical aspects, outline potential pitfalls and provide recommendations for the practicing clinician. The meeting was conducted as an informal consensus process and no scoring system was used to measure the levels of agreement on the different topics. A moderated(More)
PURPOSE Atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumors (AT/RT) are highly aggressive pediatric malignancies characterized by biallelic inactivation of the SMARCB1 tumor suppressor gene. We searched for novel genomic aberrations by investigating the copy number and expression alterations of let-7a3/let-7b microRNA (miRNA) and correlated these with expression of(More)
PURPOSE To assess the success and safety of tunneled peritoneal drainage catheters for the management of ascites refractory to medical management. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 188 consecutive patients (83 male, 105 female; average age 59 y) with refractory ascites were treated with tunneled peritoneal drainage catheters from January 1, 2006, to August(More)
PURPOSE To examine the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and its receptors in the cornea and the trigeminal ganglion and to characterize the role of VEGF in mediating corneal nerve repair. METHODS Regeneration of the corneal subbasal nerve plexus after epithelial debridement was measured. The expression of VEGF and its receptors was(More)
This study examined very brief focal ischemia that simulates transient ischemic attacks (TIAs) that occur in humans. Adult rats were subjected to sham operations or 5 min, 10 min, or 2 h of middle cerebral artery (MCA) ischemia using the suture (thread) model. Hsp70 protein was induced 24 h, 48 h and 72 h later in neurons throughout the entire MCA territory(More)
HYPOTHESIS The laparoscopic transhiatal esophagectomy can be simplified and performed safely and effectively by using a novel esophageal inversion technique. DESIGN Case series describing technique, initial experience, and learning curve with laparoscopic inversion esophagectomy. SETTING Tertiary care university hospital and veteran's hospital. (More)
The identity of the transporter responsible for fructose absorption in the intestine in vivo and its potential role in fructose-induced hypertension remain speculative. Here we demonstrate that Glut5 (Slc2a5) deletion reduced fructose absorption by approximately 75% in the jejunum and decreased the concentration of serum fructose by approximately 90%(More)
BACKGROUND In patients who develop symptoms after Nissen fundoplication, the precise mechanism of failure can be difficult to determine. Current testing modalities do not demonstrate sufficient anatomic detail to definitively determine the mechanism. This observational study establishes that EUS can determine fundoplication integrity and hiatal anatomic(More)
Hepatitis B antigen (HB Ag) has been purified from serum by pepsin digestion and equilibrium sedimentation. The sedimentation coefficient, density, particle size, and electrophoretic mobility have been determined before and after purification and found to be unaltered. In addition, the diffusion constant and molecular weight of purified HB Ag have been(More)
Knowledge of bronchial artery anatomy, including the possible locations of anomalous origin, is essential for complete catheter directed embolization for massive hemoptysis. Undetected anomalous bronchial arteries can be a source of failed bronchial artery embolization. We report a case of a common trunk bronchial artery arising from the left vertebral(More)