Charles K. Woodruff

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Personality profiles of 152 males and 50 females from twelve computer centers in metropolitan Atlanta are presented. Data processing males and females were found to possess personality profiles significantly different from their general population counterparts. When compared to their general population counterparts, they were found to have higher needs for(More)
An exploratory investigation was conducted to clarify the role of age, education level attained, and tenure as potential moderators of the relationship of job satisfaction and job performance for information systems personnel. Participants in an empirical study included 202 individuals from twelve computer centers. No support was found for age, education(More)
The results of an empirical study of 202 business data processing subjects from twelve computer centers in metropolitan Atlanta are reported. Perceptions of organizational practices were measured and then subjected to factor analysis and reliability criteria. Ten factors were used in the data analysis. Management Ability to Make Decisions and Select(More)
Job performance evaluations of 16 systems analysts, 52 programmer analysts, 63 programmers, and 71 operations personnel from twelve data processing centers in metropolitan Atlanta are presented. Judgmental ratings of eight job characteristic traits by the individual's manager or supervisor were used. Study subjects were rated highest in Cooperation and(More)
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