Charles K. Whitehead

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Observers were scanned while they watched a video of an actor using an object. Three conditions were contrasted in which the same object was used: (i) normally (e.g. using a tennis racket to hit a ball), (ii) in an unusual way (e.g. using a tennis racket to strain spaghetti), (iii) in a pretend play (e.g. playing a tennis racket like a banjo). Observing(More)
Motivated by recent theoretical work, in this paper we empirically investigate (i) the determinants of nonexecutive compensation policies in U.S. bank holding companies (BHCs) and (ii) the impact of such policies on BHCs’ risk-taking. To this end, we develop a measure of non-executive compensation incentives based on the elasticity of BHC compensation–net(More)
Kelly Ann Watson: Molecular mechanism of the interaction between Lgl/Tomosyn homolog, Sro7, and the Rab GTPase Sec4 in Polarized Exocytosis (Under the direction of Patrick Brennwald) Polarized exocytosis requires the proper localized delivery, docking and fusion of secretory vesicles with sites of active growth on the plasma membrane. Members of the(More)
In this article, I examine two hypotheses of language origins: the extended mirror system hypothesis and the vocal grooming hypothesis. These conflict in several respects, partly because their authors were trained in different disciplines and influenced by different kinds of evidence. I note some ethnographic/linguistic and psychological issues which, in my(More)
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