Charles K Oh

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the relative efficacy and tolerability of tapentadol immediate release (IR) and oxycodone IR for management of moderate to severe pain following orthopedic surgery (bunionectomy). METHODS Randomized patients (N = 901) received oral tapentadol IR 50 or 75 mg, oxycodone HCl IR 10 mg, or placebo every 4-6 h over a 72-h period following(More)
Chronic sinusitis is a disease that afflicts a significant percentage of the population and causes considerable long-term morbidity. The common use of multiple broad-spectrum oral antibiotics and endoscopic sinus surgery to treat this condition may alter the pathogenes that promote persistence of chronic sinusitis. Forty-eight culture-positive patients with(More)
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS The Caldwell-Luc operation for treatment of medically refractory chronic maxillary sinusitis has largely been replaced by functional endoscopic sinus surgery. Despite this change, the Caldwell-Luc procedure still has well documented indications including treatment of both failed endoscopic middle meatus antrostomy and irreversible(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effects of acetaminophen, naproxen, and acetylsalicylic acid on the pharmacokinetics of the centrally acting analgesic tapentadol in healthy subjects. DESIGN Two randomized, open-label, crossover, drug-drug interaction studies. SETTING Clinical research facilities in the United States and Belgium. PARTICIPANTS(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe a novel use of flexible fiberoptic endoscopy to examine the pharyngoesophageal segment, upper esophagus, and distal end of the tracheoesophageal prosthesis in patients who have undergone a total laryngectomy and a tracheoesophageal puncture. METHODS Five patients with poor-quality or no tracheoesophageal voice were evaluated by a(More)
Increasing doses of therapeutic irradiation are known to impair nerve regeneration after grafting. One possible factor is the effect of irradiation on the endoneurial vasculature. This study investigates the effects of postoperative irradiation on the size, number, and cross-sectional area of endoneurial vessels in the rat posterior tibial nerve graft(More)
OBJECTIVES The primary objective of this study was to assess the efficacy and tolerability of tapentadol immediate release (IR) in patients who were candidates for joint replacement surgery due to end-stage joint disease. A secondary objective was to compare tapentadol IR with oxycodone HCl IR with respect to efficacy and prespecified tolerability end(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Since the first description of nitric oxide in the exhaled breath of humans by Gustafsson et al., there has been enormous interest in the study of nitric oxide and its role in the nose and paranasal sinuses. The aim of this review is to present the current knowledge about nasal NO: its physiology, novel methods of detection and(More)
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