Charles K. Ames

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A web-based system for the computer mediation of work through an organization was developed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. A distinctive feature of this system, named ‘%rWWorkflow”, is the careful separation of process mediation from product data management. This paper describes the design, functionality, and user interface of the system, discusses the ,(More)
This paper reports the results of two experiments investigating differences in comprehensibility of textual and graphical notations for representing decision statements. The first experiment was a replication of a prior experiment that found textual notations to be better than particular graphical notations. After replicating this study, two other(More)
A method for providing uniform transparent access to disparate distributed information systems was demonstrated. A prototype testing interface was developed to access documentation and information using publicly available hypermedia tools. The prototype gives testers a uniform, platform-independent user interface to on-line documentation, user manuals, and(More)
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