Charles Joenathan

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AIMS This article explores the laser-induced explosion of absorbing nanoparticles in selective nanophotothermolysis of cancer. METHODS This is realized through fast overheating of a strongly absorbing target during the time of a short laser pulse when the influence of heat diffusion is minimal. RESULTS On the basis of simple energy balance, it is found(More)
In this paper we extend and study the method for generating contours of diffuse objects employing a dual beam illumination coupled with electronic speckle pattern interferometry. The sensitivity and the orientation of the contour planes are analyzed. A novel method for tilting the planes of contours and experimental results incorporating phase shifting and(More)
Recently it was shown that holographic lenses can function as an imaging system for conducting experiments in speckle metrology. In a former paper it was shown that the problem of increasing the sensitivity in a Duffy's double aperture setup could be solved using spatially separated holographic lenses. It is well known that aberrations reduce the quality(More)
A detailed analysis of the vibration fringes obtained by phase stepping on a time-averaged electronic speckle pattern interferometer is presented. It is shown that the contrast of the fringes remains relatively high for any phase step between 30 degrees and 180 degrees for low electronic noise and fringe density. Also, for the four-phase-stepped method, the(More)
Recently, a new method to measure object shape and deformation with temporal evolution of speckles in speckle interferometry was reported. In this method, certain parameters, sensitive to shape or deformation are changed continuously, and the fluctuations in the irradiance of each speckle is recorded. The information over the whole object deformation is(More)
We propose a new method for measuring large-object deformations byusing temporal evolution of the speckles in speckleinterferometry. The principle of the method is that by deformingthe object continuously, one obtains fluctuations in the intensity ofthe speckle. A large number of frames of the object motion arecollected to be analyzed later. The phase data(More)