Charles J W C Vervaet

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Some extreme corneal irregularities cannot be treated adequately with corneal contact lenses. For such cases a rigid semi-scleral lens can be prescribed. We evaluated the use of a highly gas permeable rigid semi scleral lens in patients with diseased corneas for whom conventional contact lens strategies had failed. Twenty two patients (29 eyes) were(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the rate of progression of keratoconus in patients wearing pancorneal toric edge rigid gas-permeable contact lenses (pancorneal RGP-CL) compared to non-pancorneal RGP-CL. We also evaluated alterations in anterior chamber parameters with the progression of keratoconus and investigated the location of the cone in eyes with keratoconus.(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether pancorneal rigid gas-permeable toric edge contact lenses (pancorneal RGP-CL) fitting could be improved by using non-central corneal shape predictors, and to compare these parameters with respect to age and gender in patients with keratoconus. METHODS The current study was a retrospective study including patients with(More)
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