Charles J. Hughes

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Measurements of subjective picture impairment as a function of network loading in a simulated ATM network are reported. The simulation indicated that cells tend to be discarded in bursts, the frequency and severity of which can be related to the loading by a threshold model. The effect of the discards on broadcast-style video, coded using a single-layer(More)
STUDY DESIGN Single-group, repeated measures. OBJECTIVES To investigate the relationship between tubing length and tubing tension for 6 colors of Thera-Band tubing (each color representing a different level of resistance) and to estimate the resistive shoulder torque provided during shoulder abduction exercise. BACKGROUND Thera-Band tubing is popular(More)
On the basis of evidence obtained from a study of a coastal section at Duffs on the southeast side of Conception Bay, southeastern Newfoundland, where late-Precambrian granite is nonconformably overlain by Lower Cambrian sediments, von Engelhardt has recently suggested [1] that it lay within an area, now largely occupied by the southern part of the bay,(More)
US company General Motors took the view that it would need a standard for all its industrial automation products to enable free interchange of data. By 1984 an outline standard for MAP (Manufacturing Automation Protocol) had been published by GM and a US user group was formed in 1985. In 1986 a user group was also set up in Europe. MAP uses a number of(More)
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