Charles J. Austin

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This article presents the results of information technology management audits conducted by senior executives at ten healthcare organizations. The audits evaluated how well the following seven information technology management responsibilities were carried out: (1) strategic information systems planning; (2) employment of a user focus in system development;(More)
Visual success in the treatment of monocular congenital cataracts requires early surgery, and aggressive, long-term amblyopia management and optical correction. These children will have their only normally seeing eye patched for a significant percentage of their early childhood years. We have been concerned about the possibility of an adverse psychological(More)
Tuberculosis has long been, and still remains, an important if subsidiary complication of leprosy in this institution. Beginning in 1947-1948 (1), and continued more recently, the inmate population was subjected to tuberculin testing. Having received an inquiry about the results of that work (3), I present the findings here in summary form. The reports from(More)
Changes in the health care environment, such as the growth of integrated delivery systems and the proliferation of managed care, are having a profound impact on the way in which health care organizations manage both clinical and financial information. Health information networks (HINs) are emerging to support the goals and internal needs of integrated(More)
By its development of improved media for dissemination of information, the National Library of Medicine is fostering a greater awareness and a better understanding of research and development efforts in behalf of public health and clinical medicine, and a more rapid translation of research into clinical application. The library's transformation from a(More)
Clinical excellence can be divided into three defining categories: procedures, systems, and communications. Six steps have been introduced to guide our journey. New systems will produce less stressful, more profitable dentistry, and with this commitment to clinical excellence, patient care will improve automatically. Evaluating our practices and making the(More)