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One important motivation of data center mechanical system R&D is to improve the energy efficiency and reliability. Many new cooling solutions have been successfully used in production data centers, such as hybrid/liquid cooling systems and free cooling systems, and a better Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) has been achieved when compared with traditional(More)
Liquid cooling provides a feasible thermal management solution in the case of high power density cooling, in addition, it offers several advantages for improving data center energy efficiency. For example, liquid cooling solution may eliminate the utilization of conventional chiller in a data center cooling infrastructure. Since a large portion of heat can(More)
PART I: Comparative Study of Air Flow Energy for Active and Passive cooling designs within Data Center room using CFD. PART II: Analysis for sizing the hot aisle Containment for Active vs Passive cooling designs using CFD In this study, the cooling behavior within the data center room is of interest. The main objective of the study is to consider two(More)
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a comprehensive tool for cost estimation, provisioning, and decision making in a data center. The goal of this paper is to introduce an accurate yet simple model of TCO for data centers. TCO-estimation helps to clear the cost trade-offs, highlights the most impactful parameters on TCO in a datacenter which helps us to focus(More)
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