Charles I. Leftwich

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Urethane, given parenterally or orally to mice, increased the severity of PVM infection. Not only were the lesions more extensive but mice could be infected with smaller inocula of virus and the multiplication of virus in the lung was enhanced. There was atrophy of lymphoid tissues but no suppression was noted of antibody formation. No relation could be(More)
Infectious hepatitis, a viral disease, has become increasingly more important in recent years. It is believed that the great increase in reported cases is not due entirely to better reporting, but that there has been an actual increase in the incidence of this disease. The comparatively long incubation period in infectious hepatitis, the high incidence in(More)
In an epidemic of 24 cases of infectious hepatitis in a small lumbering community, the majority of cases occurred in children. Sixteen of them were pupils in one school. The school apparently was the focus for the spread of infection, which is thought to have been through contact between persons. Five multiple case households with eight secondary cases were(More)
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